Joey Bada$$-Summer Knights (Mixtape)

Now that the plethora of disappointing hip-hop releases in June are done with, it’s time to get to one that’s quite unlikely to let anyone down. It’s just over a year since Joey broke out with his phenomenal 1999 mixtape, and in that time he’s firmly established himself as one of the premiere talents coming up in the hip-hop industry. Now, with cosigns aplenty and a dedicated fanbase, it’s fair to say this project’s arriving with the hope that it’s another great addition to his growing catalogue.

Joey’s handful of releases prior to this tape have all been textbook Bada$$ work, whilst showing a nice amount of variety and progression, and this 16-track release will hopefully prove to sustain those qualities at length. Features appear to be primarily from the Pro Era crew, which can of course be said about the aforementioned debut mixtape, and much like that tape revealed the departed Capital Steez to be a great performer, this effort could reveal new stars in the Pro Era team. Free stream and grab below.

Joey Bada$$-Summer Knights

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