Jay-Z-Holy Grail ft. Justin Timberlake

jay z holy grail
Many are confused by this album’s release, so here’s some clarity: it was released via Jay’s app for Samsung phones today, and has hence leaked everywhere. Its official release is on Monday 8th. Clear?

So, for those avoiding the leak or without the app, here’s the track’s opening effort. New best friends Jay and JT come together for a solid start point for the album, boasting a production that switches through two distinct styles to good effect, though certainly not to perfection. Justin probably takes on most of the vocal duty here, opening with a great performance backed by a steady introductory performance that constantly threatens to explode the track to life; unfortunately, rather than building on that production’s mellow qualities, the track completely switches direction to a bassy, rather less grandiose beat. Jay arrives with that switch-up, delivering with a level of intensity suited to an opening track, but not quite with the lyrical dexterity he’s known for, whilst a badly-placed, poorly-used Nirvana sample breaks his momentum quite significantly. With that said, his second verse is rather more impressive, with his flow moving through the gears before cooling back down, though the track could probably do with being a minute shorter/with less JT at the end. It’s overkill, but finishes off what’s likely to be a track that’ll grow with more listens.

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