Janelle Monae-Dance Apocalypse (Video)

Janelle Monae goes classic popstar for her latest video, the second single from The Electric Lady, due for a 10th September release.

With her incredibly versatile vocal abilities and fantastic stage presence, Janelle’s pretty much got free reign with the style of music she puts out. Her dependable level of performance and infectious energy add the consistency to bind the diversity of her work together, and that variety is on show once again- whilst Q.U.E.E.N. came on a more soul-funk tip, this one seems to throw back to the sounds of the 60s (and even earlier), with bouncy yet light guitars, fast-paced percussion and backing vocals that add a ton of melody to proceedings. Janelle’s vocals are upbeat, positive and high-tempo, keeping pace with that rapid drum line well, whilst having plenty of catchy rhythmic sections to get listeners singing along. It’s an addictive, energetic ride that you’ll find rather easy to replay.

The video is another fun effort from Monae, and hangs well with the uptempo vibe of the track. Monae (literally) lets her hair down and pretty much gets wild, demonstrating her inimitable on-screen magnetism with a passionate performance that makes a mockery of the relatively regular environment the vidoe is set in. She looks great, she sounds fantastic, and with this audiovisual Monae once again proves to be one of the most complete acts in music today. That album cannot come soon enough.

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