Jamie xx-Sunset Remix (Video)

Many understandably find it odd when an act remixes one of their own songs, but to me, it shows that a song doesn’t have to be cut loose and full stopped when complete; there’s room to move a track in another direction. That’s not saying a song needs improvement, but simply applying its component pieces in a different way extends its life beyond one mode of output.

And that’s what Jamie does with this remix. It’s by and large all the same parts that made up the original, but shuffled around a touch, most notably with the dulcet guitar plucks altered into a more stunted approach, whilst the changes are embellished by crisper percussion and a higher tempo. There are segments which are near-identical to the original too, particularly the first half of Romy’s vocals, and hence it feels like a sideways move on the original rather than attempting to completely overhaul it-a move that I’m on board with, given the original’s fantastic quality. The rework ends up retaining the dark, moody vibe of its origin work, but injects a touch of energy and positivity that makes it much better suited to the summer than the original, and hence is a good reimagining of the piece.

The video is made up of footage from a French TV show, and whilst the throwback clip clearly has no direct or obvious link to the song, its minimal, oddly hypnotising nature links up to the audio well. Worth a watch, and definitely worth a listen.

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