Hodgy Beats-Alone (Video)

Hodgy’s relatively recent Untitled 2 EP is one that I’ve not yet listened to, but this clip has sent it way higher on my ‘listen to next’ list.

I don’t like to let other reviews or comments dictate my own view on a track, but the top comment on YouTube summed this piece up absolutely perfectly- “It’s like a mix of Earl [Sweatshirt] and Frank [Ocean]“. Whilst I’m sure Hodgy would rather (and rightfully) be regarded as his own act, there’s no denying that comparison is apt, and that’s nothing but a huge compliment; the aforementioned Odd Future acts are well-regarded for their distinct abilities. Yet, Hodgy’s skill at combining watertight, introspective raps with raw, likeably imperfect harmonising is unique as far as the OF members go, and is a great listen both within and outside of the Odd Future context. He’s helped by a production that’s got the same level of duality as his vocal work, with thick percussion layered up with airy, drifty synths, creating a mellow yet punchy production that supports both facets of his vocal output.

Topping it all off is a fitting and very watchable video. From his comical yet hugely minimal apartment setting to the beach on which he buries himself, once again there’s a sense of duality, as his playful side sits along with his depressive, isolated state, and it finishes off what is arguably his strongest release to date. Get that EP now.

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