Game-Ali Bomaye ft. 2 Chainz and Rick Ross (Video)

When popular hip-hop is done well, it’s one of the most fun things you can listen to. Forget hopping on the latest rap trend or production fad; you throw a classically-strong production like this in with carefree lyricism, and you’ve got something far more enduring than whatever the current mainstream hip-hop fascination is.

Whilst I’ve not yet listened to Game’s Jesus Piece album (my backlog is disgusting), the weight of praise that this track got both on the LP’s release and ever since did ensure I gave this track a go several months ago, and it’s good to see Game bring that buzz back up with the video release. It always felt like an effort that suited a nighttime drive in the summer, with completely addictive vocal sample creating a phenomenal atmosphere in the soundscape, adding liveliness and positivity, whilst the surrounding elements help create the thumping hip-hop vibe that make it an essential for the car.

Both the videos timing and content enhance those facets greatly, shot in primarily dark settings that build on the inherent grandeur of the production to add further expansiveness, whilst the uplifting elements of the track are visualised with the more celebratory, lavish scenes. It’s nothing hip-hop hasn’t seen before, but it is a clip that fits the vibe of the audio to a tee, and feels like mainstream hip-hop done properly. Jesus Piece available now.

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