Floco Torres-Celebratory Screams, Childhood Dreams EP

After ending a 3 year relationship & a 15 hour drive, it was time to be “real” with myself and quit music. I went home to be around people that would only tell me I’m f**king up if it was actually true. Although I didn’t tell that to Infinite Quest at first, we started recording an untitled EP for fun while I was home for the holidays. I walked around my old neighborhood, took the train, met up with a few old friends & just wrote everything I wanted to say at the time as if this was my last project. All the shit we went through to not lose these songs, I wanted to present them as best as I could, & the ones that I couldn’t, I’d give you a disclaimer that I want you to hear them anyway (One Step Away). You can download for free or donate as usual. From us, to you, we hope you enjoy this EP in all it’s flaws and awesomeness.

Normally, I avoid letting the artist’s intro take up too much room on my posts, but here I’ll break the rule as it paints the picture of this EP beautifully. Whilst the releases we’ve had so far have completely stood up on their own merit, with Floco’s personal lyrics being a highlight, and that interesting backstory lends further depth to what promises to be an excellent EP release. Can’t wait to get this into my iTunes, and you can stream, download and/or buy it below.

Floco Torres-Celebratory Screams, Childhood Dreams EP

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