Esko the Kid-Nightmares ft. Sarah Green

Lupe’s FNF label is still going, and signee/frequent Lupe collaborator Sarah Green hooks up with its latest signing in Esko for a single from his upcoming Young & Restless II mixtape.

It’s a contemplative, introspective effort that’s got some great storytelling lyricism throughout, with Esko essentially running through his thoughts, social environment and professional positioning. His work is certainly relatable, and his willingness to expose his fears, concerns and insecurities on record is commendable, whilst from a technical perspective his delivery is consistently sharp and speedy throughout, making for a good performance from the upcomer. Sarah anchors the track very well with her empassioned vocals, whilst the minimal backdrop of piano keys and light percussion enhances the reflective atmosphere of the track, finishing off what is a good slice of introverted hip-hop. In truth, it’s just nice to hear an upcomer who isn’t trying to convince anyone he’s already laced with money and jewels.

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