Elijah Blake-Vendetta ft. J. Cole

elijah blake j cole
Being associated with No I.D. is really opening doors for this guy, as upcomer Elijah Blake scores another big feature, this time grabbing one of hip-hop’s artists of the moment in Cole.

The lead single from his upcoming debut album, Songs About Melody, it’s admittedly not quite as instantly grabbing as some of his previous work, but it’ll grow with each listen. It’s a bit of a slow opening, throwing a bassy, relatively minimal production underneath a brief Cole cameo, before switching into Elijah’s vocals, a transition that perks the track up slightly. His vocal work begins to expand as the track evolves, switching out of his rap-esque delivery and into a more emotive singing style; though those expressive moments are brief, they anchor the song excellently, and their sporadic appearance recovers any drabness found elsewhere. Cole enters the fray once again towards the final third with a much better offering, injecting some intensity into the track with a slick, strong verse that’s brimming with a comfortable confidence. Worth a listen for the pop and R&B heads, and with the right accompanying video, it’s potentially got a shot at decent mainstream success.

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