Earl Sweatshirt-Hive ft. Casey Veggies and Vince Staples (Video)

Regular collaborators with the Odd Future clan and now contributors to Earl’s upcoming Doris album, Vince and Casey come along for the latest release from that LP. Due for release on 20th August, it’s certainly an album hip-hop heads are anticipating, and this effort should whet the appetite until then.

First thing many will notice is Earl’s flow approach- comparisons will be drawn with Tyler, The Creator’s deadpan, dulcet style, and that familiar delivery actually allows Earl’s smarter lyrical work to shine through. He’s backed by a dark, ominous production throughout, with its minimal stylings built up on chunky bass, crisp cymbals and a dash of melody; there’s not a lot to it, and it creates a rather eerie soundscape that suits Earl’s moody flow very well. Vince Staples’ more nasal style makes for a good switch away from that dark style, with his arrogant nature adding a touch of regularity to this relatively leftfield piece.

The video’s a relatively simple one, with plenty of darkness throughout capturing the audio’s uneasy vibe, whilst the sporadic bits of high activity with the bike riders and loose dogs adds a touch of threat to proceedings. A grim, haunting effort that sets Doris up well.

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