Daley-Songs That Remind Me of You EP

The talented Mancunian dropped off a video of the same name a short while back, and now returns with this 3-track EP, featuring the title track and two brand new efforts to accompany it.

With his Days and Nights album hopefully on its way soon, it’s great to get some new material from Daley to keep that buzz going and satiate the fans until that gets a firm release date. He is, of course, one of our nation’s finest upcoming talents, seamlessly working across soul, pop and R&B confines as and when he chooses, and with plenty of mainstream exposure under his belt across the last 12 months, this free EP will hopefully add to his growing reputation and establishment within the UK music scene. He’s got plenty of admirers internationally too, with Maxwell publicly praising his work (likely down to his sublime Pretty Wings cover), and it’s surely only a matter of time before Daley becomes one of soul’s leading lights.

I got massively carried away there. Stream and download available in the accompanying widget.

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