Chuck Inglish-Swervin' ft. Sir Michael Rocks

Can you believe The Cool Kids haven’t worked together since 2011? Hard to believe that one of hip-hop’s most promising duos went their seperate ways so early on, but they reunite here for a single from Chuck’s upcoming Convertibles album. Whilst that LP is slated to feature names such as Big Boi, Mac Miller and Ab-Soul, it’s this feature that will probably command most attention.

Rightly so too, as it’s a speaker-rattler of a track that’s entirely addictive. There’s no heavy overproducing or ‘two tracks condensed into one’ business going on here; it’s a bassy, percussion-heavy production that cuts back on layers to create an intimidating wall of sound out of what is fundamentally very little. Chuck and Mikey’s laidback raps are a great fit for the production too, as neither attempts to match the beat’s intensity and rather both opt to smoothly ride along with comparatively easygoing flows, with their unique cadences making for enough distinction between the two. No complications or complexities, this is a head-nodding hip-hop jam that’s going to sound rather special on a good set of car speakers.

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