Childish Gambino-Centipede

childish gambino
It’s been quite some time since we got some new Gambino, and after the announcement that his involvement in season 5 of Community will be significantly reduced (and there’s talk he’ll be killed off too?!) so he can focus more on his music, it’s a release that many will hope precedes several more.

If you ever wanted to encapsulate the trichotomy of Gambino’s work as an artist, this track does it for you. Opening up in an alternative, acapella fashion, the opening is reminiscent of his earlier, more leftfield work and focuses on his oft-forgotten skill as a vocalist. We heard plenty of those vocals on Camp, an album which also featured the type of contemplative production and storytelling lyricism that makes up the second segment of this track, with the delicate piano melody and relatively quick raps combining for an effort that would have slotted in well on that LP. The third segment is a bassier, more aggressive approach that’s closer to his work since Camp, particularly on Royalty, delivering the same semi-autobiographical lyricism in a more intense manner that fits the harsher, grittier production he’s provided with. It’s a good performance throughout, with the three distinct sections held together by the songwriting, and in theory there should be something in here to satisfy each section of his fanbase- stream and download here.

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