Basement Jaxx-What A Difference Your Love Makes

After bursting back onto the scene with the leftfield but incredibly catchy Back 2 The Wild, the boys are heading in another direction with their latest single; namely, throwback house.

This is right out of the early 00′s era of UK dance music, and hence I expect it’ll be a favourite for many this summer. Buzzing synths, high-tempo percussion and a pack of additional melodies all combine for an upbeat, uplifting track with relentless consistency- the production is unerringly positive from start to finish, throwing in influences from funk, house, trance, pop and more for a surefire dancefloor filler. Topping it all off is a set of hugely addictive vocals from upcoming singer Sam Brookes, whose performance is not only suited nicely to this electronic anthem, but shows hints of a soulful quality that might make him one to look out for in a solo capacity. For now though, this is another win for the veteran act, and I’d be surprised if it doesn’t end up as a club and radio favourite in the coming weeks.

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