Austin Paul-Believer (Video)

Austin’s excellent Velvet EP was a recent treat, and he’s now preparing Disparia for release. This first single shows a little switch in direction, as Paul slightly pulls away the smooth coating the previous EP came with, and substitutes in a harsher, sharper sound.

From the production side, that jagged quality comes from crisper percussion and a couple of piercing melodies, and though it’s all still rolled into a mellow sound, they offer a hint of contrast that adds vibrancy to proceedings. Vocally, the changes are more apparent-Austin moves away from the gentle, drifting style and into a higher pitch, allowing his work to come across with more intensity, and hence penetrating the soundscape more than a softer delivery might. It’s a good track that doesn’t stray too far from what he’s good at, but shows plenty of progress.

The clip is rather dark and minimal, covered in monochromatics that serve to enhance the moody, slightly uneasy production. The content of the video offers the same facets, featuring unusual activities and interactions with Austin and two others, and whilst it’s all a bit creepy, it fits the audio well. Look out for the EP on 18th July.

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