Audio Push-Space Jam ft. Lil' Wayne

audio push
Hip-hop duos are increasingly rare these days, and it’s good that the upcoming talents of Audio Push appear to be getting plenty of traction within the industry. There’s a fun novelty about paired acts, and in the case of these two, it’s helped by the fact they’ve got a strong natural energy that makes for solid mainstream work.

It’s not quite on par with the speaker-crunching intensity of their most recent single, but it’s a radio-friendly effort that could prove a big hit for them this summer. The production’s repeated vocal sample makes for hypnotic listening, whilst also adding a liveliness to complement the buzzing percussion and triumphant synth work, with the overall combination being an energetic sound that suits the duo well. Of course, it’s no lyrical masterclass from any of the acts involved (including another lazy Wayne feature), but it’s mainstream fare that should knock nicely in your vehicle of choice. Free grab below.

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