ANTHM-The Fire Next Time EP

So, this happened. With very little prior announcement (or at least, that I’d seen), ANTHM attempts to keep his unrelenting pace of releases up with another brand new free EP- he’s clearly got intentions of forcing his way through that glass ceiling to wider recognition, and this 8-track release will likely prove another strong addition to his underrated back catalogue.

It’s a huge show of confidence when a relatively underground act can drop off an EP with little-to-no promotion beforehand. Given the heavy promotion and disorienting marketing tactics of certain mainstream rappers, this actually comes as a welcome break from that public posturing, and the self-assurance continues through the tracklisting-no features are listed, and after the assist from Blu on (and simply having Blu’s name associated with) his last EP, it’s clear ANTHM wants to strip it all back a little and work this one solo. Credit to him for that, and given the consistency of his previous work, I’m sure this will be a good EP from start to finish. Stream and grab below.

ANTHM-The Fire Next Time EP

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