Xander the Great-Caves and Clouds EP

xander the great
If this project had dropped in the winter, I can guarantee it would have completely dominated my listening for that season. With that said, it’s still a fantastic addition to any chillout playlists you’ve got going on this season, and is a must-listen for the R&B heads.

The submission suggested this dealt with ‘personal isolation, nostalgia and heartbreak‘, and ‘has a little Weeknd/Drake vibe but with a UK twist‘. Both are accurate, particularly the latter-there’s a sense of that dark, moody R&B The Weeknd helped to popularise, with the EP capturing a similar atmospheric essence. What distinguishes this project from that style is the sheer intensity of Xander’s vocals; even on the more laidback efforts, his performances pack in heaps of emotion that add power and grandeur to each track, whilst remaining versatile enough to adjust to the chosen theme from the above list and the varying productions. That beat work is strong throughout, packing together mellow productions alongside those with a little more vibrancy, and tying them together with a relative darkness that creates the “night R&B” vibe, forming the root of the Weeknd comparisons. Having also had a hand in the production, it’s clear we’re looking at a very good all-round talent, and be sure to watch out for this upcomer in the future.

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