Washed Out-It All Feels Right

Along with Toro y Moi (and others, of course), Washed Out is viewed as one of the true purveyors of the chillwave sound, and certainly went some way to taking the genre to relative mainstream success with his popular Within and Without album in 2011. Parascosm, his second LP, is due out on 13th August, and we’re treated to a bright, summery single from that album, one that moves into a more positive state of mellow electronica.

That’s not to say it doesn’t have easygoing qualities of course. The guitar strums are rather gentle, the synth work is drifty and the vocals are distorted enough to sound like they’re coming at you from some kind of time-travelling transmitter; the combination is a rather retro feel, with the upbeat qualities of 70s pop but thrown together with a modern touch of electronic melancholy. The track’s generally scratchy nature helps further enhance the throwback qualities of the production, whilst the steady and sharp live percussion occasionally allows the track to break into the indie genre slightly- comparisons will rightly be drawn with some of Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s recent works, and though this exhibits a little more electronic influence, that same hint of psychedelia is undeniably evident. An enjoyable listen, and it’ll be interesting to see if the rest of the album follows this retro pathway, or opts to keep switching things up.

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