Washed Out-Don't Give Up

The second release from Washed Out’s upcoming Paracosm album, and it’s another good effort to add to the album’s first single.

As with that previous release, there’s a welcomed positivity running through this one, though unlike It All Feels Right, this leans heavier on the chillout side than on the upbeat electronic elements. There’s an overarching smoothness that contains the lively, clunky percussion, brought about by the combination of Washed Out’s vocals and the occasional burst of airy, atmospheric synths, making for a very easygoing listen without becoming boring or overly predictable. The track’s highlight is most certainly those relaxing vocals, with a consistency in delivery that retains the vibe of the song even when the more upbeat elements throw their weight around throughout the hook section; it’s a great use of vocals as a technical layer rather than a foreground attention-grabber, and hence rather than sounding distinct from the production, they add a good deal of depth into the overall soundscape.

Worth a listen for sure, and don’t forget to give that Paracosm album a go upon it’s release on 13th August.

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