Wale-Poor Decisions ft. Rick Ross and Lupe Fiasco

wale lupe ross
It’s been a while since we’ve had such a hip-hop heavy day, but I’m all for it. Wale’s been today’s chief contributor in that aspect, and rather lives by the word of this title: why didn’t he save this for his album?!

It’s a very enjoyable effort, taken from MMG’s upcoming Self Made Vol. 3 (which also contains a Rockie Fresh track released today that boasts an fantastic production), and one that sees Lupe make a first-time connection with the MMG crew, unless I’m mistaken. The production has a nice mellow undercurrent, throwing soft melodies in with the crisp, head-nodding percussion, and though the latter could probably do with a touch more bass, it’s a very smooth production otherwise. Ross opens with a surprisingly interesting verse, combining his braggadocios approach with some genuine reflectiveness, and credit to him for adapting his game to this production. Lupe steps up next with the standout verse, to the surprise of no-one, with the ‘poor decisions’ topic not only being right up his lyrical alley, but his dexterity on the mic showing through with a brief switch to a rapid-fire flow that makes for the track’s highlight. Wale closes with a solid performance, approaching the track in a similar vein to Ross, though his slower flow kills the momentum slightly. Still, it’s a good all-round track, headlined by an on-form Lupe Fiasco.

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