Wale-Poor Decisions ft. Rick Ross and Lupe Fiasco (Video)

Those MMG boys work with some quick turnaround times. Whilst Wale made the mistake of not saving this for his own album, it appears the wider MMG crew are using it as their lead single from the upcoming Self Made Vol. 3 album.

Having given it further playtime in the intervening 24 hours between releases, my stance on Lupe’s verse has only grown more positive- it might just be the novelty factor as we haven’t heard him on a mainstream feature in quite some time, but it does put into perspective how talented a lyricist he can be when juxtaposed with his peers. Similarly, it shows up Wale’s relative regression somewhat: once a rapper known for an emotive delivery, his move to MMG seems to have stunted that passionate nature in favour of a misconceived attempt at rapping ‘cool’.

The clip is an enjoyable watch, capturing the warm, mellow nature of the production well. Opening with a set of bright scenes, both Ross and Lupe rap in front of generally summery environments, Lupe’s in particular enhancing his thoughtful raps via their relative desolation. Wale goes in the other direction and closes himself off, and much like his vocal contribution, it slightly stunts the momentum in terms of taking an expansive video into a comparatively claustrophobic environment. Generally though, a fitting video for a track that could well be a hit this summer; look out for the album on 6th August.

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