Wale-Bad Remix ft. Rihanna

wale rihanna
Wale’s third album, The Gifted, lands on 25th June and many will agree that there isn’t really any buzz for it. Most of the coverage has been for the unique artwork, and even the majority of that has been relatively mocking- whilst I think it’s fairly likeable, it doesn’t detract from the fact that musically, he’s not exactly stealing attention away from the other big releases coming in June.

What better way to turn heads than by grabbing a rare Rihanna feature? Seemingly old friends, Wale calls on her to rework a track that originally featured Tiara Thomas, and of course help push it into the mainstream consciousness. The original skipped by me slightly, but it’s clearly a track with a ton of potential; a catchy, chart-friendly hook, an easygoing production that’s suited perfectly to Rihanna’s cadence, and Wale pretty much fills the gaps with relatively uncomplicated raps. Funny thing to say, but I suspect many will find Rih’s adlibs a highlight here, oozing sex appeal throughout and adding a fun, unpredictable layer to the track. Hardly a return to form for Wale, but it’s a mainstream smash in the making that should get his hype up and move some numbers on the 25th.

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