Vanessa Elisha-Don't Go (Free EP)

vanessa elisha
The current crop of R&B upcomers are really revitalising what has become a stale genre, and Vanessa Elisha has just added herself to that talent list. On recieving the submission, I judged her wrongly; seeing a good-looking singer, I expected her to be another act who’s thin on quality and big on image. I’m glad to be wrong, because this could be a breakout release.

With sombre, atmospheric productions reminiscent of The Weeknd’s early work, the EP is a well-rounded listening experience. The sultry Till Never moves between mellow verses and an intense hook, Home To Me and Waiting have more laidback, introspective approaches, Don’t Go opts for a minimal, vocal-spotlighting production, and Blur closes the EP off in relatively upbeat fashion. It’s this sonic coherence that makes a project actually feel like an EP/album rather than a collection, and Vanessa herself delivers by taking what are ultimately productions of a similar ilk, and twisting them into varying emotional pathways. Many newcomers (wrongly) opt to showcase their vocals rather than create balanced music, and Vanessa instead works with each production’s natural mood to create rounded soundscapes- credit to Elisha for demonstrating that skill and maturity. A must grab for any R&B fan; download here and stream below.

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