The xx-Fiction (Video)

In the audio, Oliver Sim goes solo on the vocals and that’s exactly what happens in the video. It’s a downbeat, sombre watch that matches up very well with the track’s inherent elegaic qualities, and makes for an immersive audiovisual throughout.

If you’re after a colourful video with high levels of activity and a killer storyline, look away now- instead, this is a monochromatic, slow-moving piece that features Oliver walking through various landscapes in what seems an ever-escalating and rather ambiguous search. Whilst his bandmates sleep, he moves from looking out of his window to staring through the outdoor pool, in what is a nicely timed scene as it reflects the rather ‘aquatic’ melodies that enter the production around that point. That moves quickly on to walking alone through woodland, with a gaze fixed mostly skyward, before a short dance seems to lead to the emergence of daylight. It’s clearly not attempting any intricately-layered storyline, and instead it’s a piece that works with the elements and movement of the audio extremely well, capturing its dark and moody vibe without losing its hint of loneliness and desperation.

An enjoyable watch that certainly enhances the audio, and you don’t need me to tell you, but be sure to get that Coexist album into your iTunes if you haven’t already.

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