The Weeknd-Kiss Land (Video)

Not safe for work, school or young folk. Seriously. This gets pretty (porno)graphic.

The Kiss Land (still not cool with that title) audio came as a 7 minute double-part track, and here The Weeknd takes the more aggressive, arrogant second half and delivers some visuals to support his upcoming album release of the same name.

The clip features a heavy Japanese theme, filmed in a trippy, grainy format that has a part-surveillance, part-poor quality streaming style to it, and it serves to add a lot of realism to the video. Doing away with perfect lighting and countless filters makes the various activities that take place seem all the more seedy, whilst giving the brief animated transitions a creepy, Big Brother (Orwellian, not the terrible TV show) feel that I expect is intentional- The Weeknd is keen to harmonise that ‘this ain’t nothing to relate to’, and whilst his life may be watched intently from the outside by fans and label executives, the truth isn’t anything they’d necessarily be accustomed to being a part of. The various pornographic acts taking place around The Weeknd pick up the sleaze of both the production and some of the lyricism and most certainly amplify it; it’s brave, as it pretty much ensures this will get zero TV airtime, but you sense this is a more rebellious Weeknd who probably doesn’t care. A dark audiovisual with unashamed levels of seediness- I’m all for it. iTunes is your friend.

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