Smiler-The Coming (Mixtape)

UK hip-hop isn’t something I’ve ever fully committed to as a music fan (even I’m not totally sure why), but Smiler is an act that breaks free of that mental blockade to really command attention in my library. What began as an interest after seeing him perform live turned into a huge appreciation for his All I Know mixtape, and has since blossomed into relative pride at his now-respected stature in the UK rap community.

This tape will hopefully bear fruit from that career progression. Of the features listed, the most notable is certainly Giggs, though most of the 12 tracks are solely Smiler efforts, which should satisfy his fanbase whilst making for a good introduction to new listeners. With an Ed Sheeran-featured single coming soon, it’s fair to expect extended mainstream success to be Smiler’s before long, and you’d do well to jump on the bandwagon now if you haven’t already. Stream and download below.

Smiler-The Coming

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