ScHoolboy Q-Collard Greens ft. Kendrick Lamar

collard greens
The newest release from ScHoolboy’s Oxymoron album, and one that I’m sure will find a grateful home in many iTunes libraries given the relative lack of information and music relating to this album thus far.

The production is one that might take time to grow on listeners. Whilst his traditionally dark, moody vibe is present with dominating bass hits and sporadic dashes of atmospheric synths and melodies, the pace of the beat pulls those elements together into a more energetic, head-nodding direction that compromises the sombre vibe somewhat. It’s initially a little disorienting, but repeat listens gradually soften the contrast and alternately move the beat between being upbeat and atmospheric, creating a rather dynamic listening experience. Q and Kendrick’s performances are differentiated well, with Q’s generally laidback style crisply running along the bouncy bass, whilst his occasional bursts of aggressiveness and intensity add good variety. Kendrick initially offers an altered cadence (though longtime listeners will have heard it before), with a higher-pitched delivery working with the spaced-out production elements to create a rather trippy vibe, before switching to a few ‘regular’ styles to close. One you’ll need to give several plays to fully enjoy.

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