Queens of the Stone Age-Blurred Lines (Cover)

Ha! I’m not sure anyone saw this coming. QOTSA’s recent releases have all been rather raw and with plenty of darkness (mostly emanating from the animated shorts that preceded their Like Clockwork album), and that’s not mentioning their general style of music being rather departed from the smooth Robin Thicke original. Live Lounge does throw up some surprises though, and this is certainly one of those.

It’s not a crazy, leftfield cover by any means; instead, it’s a pretty laidback acoustic effort that isn’t a million miles away from the original in terms of its rather easygoing nature. Accompanied by a duo of guitars, Josh Homme not only delivers the vocals with his distinctive drawl, but provides a metronone/percussion layer by shaking what look like pill bottles- it’s a detail that somewhere between hilarious, incredible and bizarre, and I like it. The work of the guitars is lively enough to keep an undercurrent of positivity going, whilst also adding a little Americana style to proceedings, ensuring that whilst it may not stray too far from the original’s general vibe, this cover does deliver enough distinctivity to keep it fresh. Worth a go, if for anything to see a man use pill containers as an instrument.

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