Novel-To The Limit (Video)

Another release from Novel’s thoroughly excellent Under Water, Overwhelmed EP, and it’s not right to call this a standout track- the entire EP is outstanding, and doing so would be an injustice to it.

With that said, it still remains a standout track in the context of the entire R&B game this year. A smooth, mellow effort with a little hint of liveliness, it’s one that lands in that middle ground between midtempo and slow jam, an area that’s incredibly difficult to hit and even harder to perfect. Novel manages it here, backed by gentle, atmospheric synths in the verses and a hint of piano the hook; both come supported by a sharp, piercing percussion that adds energy and intensity. It’s a rather uncomplicated production and it’s supremely effective, making for a distinct step away from the multi-layered, occasionally over-produced nature of the dark R&B/night pop sounds doing the rounds right now. Of course, Novel’s vocals are excellent throughout, demonstrating great restraint as he curbs his emotional instincts to deliver a sultry, relaxed performance that slides into the production with ease, and combines with it for a strong all-rounder.

The video is a good fit, coming with a monochrome filter that keeps the relaxed vibe going, removing any distractions from bright colour flashes. The body language throughout is equally easygoing, and again maintains the audio’s mellow qualities. An easy watch and a very easy listen, be sure to check out the EP now.

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