Mike Posner-The Way It Used To Be

Pages is the title of Posner’s upcoming album, and with some of his recent freebies being mostly strong releases, you’d be forgiven for having high hopes for this lead single.

Unfortunately, it’s really not up to those standards. This is unabashed chart music, from the bubble-pop production through to the rather generic lyricism, and it’s clearly his stab at a new radio single; it’s understandable given that his work generally falls into the pop category, but those who’ve followed him since the Brain Trust days will be disappointed at this fairly uninspiring use of the great talent he does have. That’s not another ‘oh, he should make music like he used to’ complaint, as he’s an evolving artist with enough versatility to try different sounds, but this just seems like paint-by-numbers pop with little to grab onto for the non-teenage listener.

With that said, it’s surely going to be a favourite with the younger audience this summer, with its squeaky-clean nature surely primed for mainstream success; it’s just not going to quite sway favour with anyone above the age of 17. I’m sure Posner’s really annoyed at having a potential chart smash and not impressing people like me, eh?

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