Michael Francis-Nona's Reservoir

MTV2 premiered the video on their Artist To Watch segment, with the track taken from his Cold Heart Chronicles album due out this summer, and it’s a fantastic slice of laidback R&B/pop from the talented upcomer that should get the buzz right up for that LP.

The production is wintery and atmospheric, with airy synths sat alongside distorted percussion and occasional hits of livelier melodies in a deep, well-layered production. There aren’t any sharp turns or unexpected highs; instead, it’s a gradual, progressive production that moves organically into any high spots, and gently away from them. It’s that consistency which gives Michael flexibility with his own performance and he shows off plenty of variety, opening with a delicate mellowness that relatively smoothly evolves into an empassioned, powerful set of vocals.

You hear a track like this and you expect a simple bedroom scene, or some crooning in a night scene. Credit then to Michael, who puts together a significantly more intricate video, but without losing the essence of the audio. The cold, snowy landscape fits the atmospheric audio superbly, whilst the internal and external conflict experienced by all characters involved is conveyed well throughout to keep you fully engrossed in the clip. Very strong introduction for Francis, and you can get the track here.

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