MeLo-X-The Truth

MeLo-X expresses social commentary on recent incidents that have occurred in East Flatbush Brooklyn and speaks about Police brutality and the direct effect it has on the youth and families in our communities. MeLo-X cleverly samples Elliott Wilson’s “The Truth”, which is associated with building a community of conversation, and idea sharing about Hip-Hop’s highs & lows but flips it to talk about the truth of what goes on in Black & Latino communities across the United States.

Whilst he’s undoubtedly exceptional behind the board, MeLo’s recent work has really spotlighted his ability in front of the mic, and though he’s been keen to demonstrate versatility in both his raps and beats, it’s refreshing to hear him simplify everything here to deliver a socially-conscious piece. The production is gentle enough to ride along unobtrusively in the background, with the soft melodies and easygoing percussion being extremely conducive to the reflective lyricism provided, and generally exuding a rather sombre, elegaic quality. MeLo’s vocals are similar, interchanging between speedy, passionate raps and delicate singing, though on occasion the quickfire rapping will require a rewind to fully catch the lyrics. Nonetheless, a good slice of hip-hop with a solid message behind it.

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