MeLo-X-God: HiFi (EP)

After a successful release of the GOD: LoFi EP, MeLo-X releases the second installment of his three part EP series, GOD: HiFi. GOD: HiFi sets the bar higher and represents an indie artist’s rise to fame- first, you’re LoFi (Underground), then you reach your high point (HiFi), and next up is GOD: WiFi, which represents an artist finally becoming internationally known and respected. Stay tuned – It’s The God, God.

I’m a massive fan of MeLo as an all-round artist, and getting so much new material from him this year (click here for a refresher course) has most certainly been to the benefit of my ear canals. Whether it’s video or audio, MeLo’s really stepped from behind the boards to demonstrate his gift as a solo act, without compromising the quality and diversity of his production work. This EP comes in a little longer than the last, a 9-track offering which features 3 of his most recent audio releases and only 2 features from artists I’m not quite familiar with. It’ll be interesting to hear how MeLo works in these extended circumstances, especially with a couple of guest producers on board to mix things up a little, and you can stream the EP below, and also grab it for free down there too.

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