Mayer Hawthorne-Reach Out Richard

mayer hawthorne
With the first release from Mayer’s Where Does This Door Go still getting plenty of replays on my iPod, he lets the second single go, one with a heavy personal twist as it’s for his father.

Much like the first single, there’s a lot of funk influence here, with bubbly guitars accompanied by vibrant percussion, making for a backdrop that hovers somewhere between soul and pop with a vintage twist. Unlike that track though, this one offers the upbeat qualities the full way through the track, skipping the option of cool-down sections in favour of a more consistent positivity that becomes increasingly infectious as the song drives onward. Occasionally, it tends to overpower Mayer’s relatively subtle vocals, but for the most part it’s a good accompaniment to his performance, which contains plenty of reflective lyricism- though the production may deceive you into thinking otherwise, it’s a very open set of lyrics that are remarkably honest at times, and it’s quite warming to hear the respect Mayer has for his father. Enjoyable work once again, and be sure to grab the album on 16th July.

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