Mayer Hawthorne-Her Favorite Song (Video)

After recently releasing an official remix (by Large Professor, no less) of this single, Mayer continues to give it a push with the official video for the Jessie Ware-assisted original.

Aside from the unexpected deluge of canine companions, it’s a video that captures the essence of the audio cleanly and accurately. The unadulterated sleaze of the melodies fits the dim club scene well, and of course adds context to the presence of dogs in place of men, with the suggestion that the attending males are all basically just dogs anyway- not complicated and a bit of fun, which will certainly raise some smiles as they end up filling the role quite accurately. Plus, the massive dog wearing sunglasses that appears towards the end looks like a total legend.

Mayer’s stage presence is enjoyable, even if it is just in very short bursts, with the old-school microphone and supporting band keeping a link back to his vintage stylings, whilst his ‘image’ appears to have been cleaned up a tad and comes across a little slicker now-the crisp suits are still there, but gone are the glasses, and there’s a little Michael Buble about him now. Worth a watch, and a good accompaniment to an excellent audio.

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