M.I.A.-Bring the Noize

bring the noize
After a mixtape-focused 2012 and various reported release dates earlier this year for her fourth album, M.I.A.’s back with the lead single from her upcoming Mathangi LP.

I’d imagine the longtime fans will be quite happy with this. It’s far removed from her more mainstream-friendly excursions last year, particularly the highly-addictive Bad Girls, and instead goes back to the jittery, offbeat style that warmed so many music heads to her work. The production is built up on a cacophonous blend of tribal percussion, bass hits, unpredictable synths and much more, with the impact being a high-octane, energetic listen that’ll have your equilibrium doing somersaults initially, but becomes a more comfortable listen with time. The vocal work is typically rhythmic on the hook, made up of little more than short vocal hits, though her speedy, high-speed delivery on the verses is considerably more notable, with her natural sense of control seeping through into the fast-paced rap work. A lively, pulsating lead single and a good return to the scene.

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