M.I.A.-Bring the Noize (Video)

Every listen of this makes M.I.A.’s flow ever more impressive, and whilst my initial audio review commented on it being a return to her earlier style and away from a mainstream direction, those repeat listens have created the realisation that this could actually end up being a huge mainstream favourite. The intense funk and distinctly British flavour flowing through the track overpower the more offbeat elements, making it a fun, lively track that could concievably be a club favourite this summer.

Therefore, the high-octane video quite simply makes sense. There’s no overbearing storyline, and instead it’s generally a light-hearted, energetic clip that begins in automobile-heavy fashion (much like the Bad Girls video), before switching into a club and dance-oriented scenes that pack in plenty of bright colours, high levels of activity and a general freneticism that fits the audio very well. Clearly, M.I.A.’s having a ton of fun with this throughout too, and her natural charisma only serves to enhance the infectiousness of the audiovisual, further shoving it into potential dancefloor filler territory. It’s definitely worth a watch if you were a little undecided on the audio, and of course if you were already a fan then you’ll need no encouragement. Available now.

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