John Mayer-Paper Doll

Whilst I didn’t particularly enjoy his Born and Raised album, the Battle Studies LP that came before it was a definite winner, and it’s on that basis that I’ve given his newest single a go.

Taken from his upcoming Paradise Valley album, this is one that should appeal to those with a similar opinion on his back catalogue. The production is built on a gentle blend of guitar plucks, with several individual strums working both in tandem and in contrast to create a layered yet rather minimal backdrop, supported occasionally by soft, barely-there synth work and easygoing percussion. The sound is completely mellow, and hence it’s a perfect fit for Mayer’s naturally-relaxing vocals, which once again manage to pack plenty of emotion in without sacrificing the overall vibe of the track; the overall blend of vocals and production is weighted nice and evenly throughout, and creates what is uncomplicated, easy listening that’s smooth and consistent throughout.

A good addition to a laidback summer playlist that you can get on iTunes now. Look out for the Paradise Valley album on 13th August.

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