Joey Bada$$-95 Til Infinity (Video)

With only a couple of days to go until Joey’s Summer Knights mixtape lands, he drops off visuals for a recent release from that project, giving the popular Lee Bannon-produced effort a little more shine.

The clip is right out of the Bada$$ playbook, filmed across several regular, far-from-glamorous settings that fit perfectly into the rough, gritty nature of Joey’s work. The combination is one that ust feels completely realistic with little-to-no falsifying or scene setting- it’s Joey rapping his lyrics in the local environments that he hangs around in, and whilst that’s a touch too simplistic for many, the style of Joey’s music (and this track in particular) certainly makes it the right choice versus a ‘storylined’ video.

The release of the Summer Knights tracklist reveals a 16-track project that should suitably swell the libraries of Pro Era fans- look out for that release on Monday.

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