Janelle Monae-Q.U.E.E.N. Remix ft. Erykah Badu and Prince

For most artists, getting Prince on a remix is not only an honour, but a massive surprise. Here however, it’s not actually that shocking, given both the funky vibe of the track and the eclectic nature of the two talented ladies involved, and instead it feels like a rather natural fit.

The production is retooled to pull back a little on the bouncy, upbeat elements and instead Prince throws in sleazy, late 80s/early 90s-style melodies for a throwback vibe that works perfectly with the original vocals. The addition of thick, chunky bass is what really anchors that retro vibe, evoking memories of the funk-inspired hip-hop beats Digital Underground often favoured, whilst the the retention of the more vintage pieces in the original production only serve to further that trip down memory lane. Sadly, there’s no vocal contribution on this potentially-unfinished version, but we can hold out hope that we’ll get a sprinkling of Prince’s unique delivery on a proper release for this remix. Nonetheless, it’s a good rework of the Janelle Monae single that doesn’t stray too far from its original charm.

-Stream removed by request

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