Jade-Brown Box

In a continuing motif of simple beauty mixed with subtle subtext, ‘Brown Box’ finds the multi-talented Jade confronting her carnal nature with spiritual weapons.

An interesting audiovisual, and if it wasn’t for that above snippet, this would have just been a really funky audio with a trippy video. Instead, it ends up being a weirdly engrossing experience. Worth noting for ‘underground soul’ fans: this isn’t the Jade who released the likeable It’s My Heart, Cookie EP a few years back.

The track is a great combination of R&B, reggae and pop, combining a sultry vocal style with a production of mellow verses and a fun, bouncy hook. The verses are little more than the occasional tribal drum hit, gentle guitar and a touch of synth, before the bridge draws those guitar plucks closer to scale them fully into the foreground for the hook, which packs in several funk elements for a positive, upbeat anchor point. It’s a very easy piece to listen to, and should certainly work its way into several summer playlists.

The contrast of hook and verse extends into the very divided video, which juxtaposes dark, seedy and temptation-driven scenes with natural, less-overly sexual scenes, and though admittedly the ending confuses the hell out of me, it works well enough with the audio, and at least merits a rewatch to figure it all out.

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