Hit-Boy-Jay-Z Interview Pt. II (Video)

A year on from his debut solo release comes that track’s sequel, whereby Hit-Boy reflects on what’s been a huge 12 months for the rapper-producer.

The opening of this video, as fun as it is (and props for that Stepbrothers reference), actually sets the scene for the video well; it’s a clip that follows Hit-Boy’s journey in front of and behind the camera, as he moves around the world and through various projects achieving the plethora of personal milestones that the past year allowed him to. It’s a little disorienting at times with the quick scene changes, but I’d imagine that’s probably representative of his fast-moving lifestyle, and the highlight moments are certainly given enough time to be enjoyed in the video- in particular, the moment he receives his Grammy award is clearly a highlight point of the video that’s captured very well.

The track itself has Hit’s braggadocious, celebratory lyricism sat atop a production that’s got a relatively positive glint, but has an inescapably elegaic feel that adds a touch of sombreness to proceedings. The latter prevents the production from going full-blown upbeat, and whilst it’s another top beat from Hit-Boy, you wonder whether taking the lid off and going full-scale positive for the production would have worked with the video better. Nonetheless, a good audiovisual that’s worth a watch.

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