Foals-Bad Habit (Video)

Another release from their fantastic Holy Fire album, and as they did with their previous visual offering, they’ve hooked up with the masterful Nabil Elderkin to deliver this one.

Whilst this wasn’t necessarily one of my favourite tracks on the album, it’s by no means a bad track either and still remains one of the LPs stronger efforts. It’s well-suited to a summer release too, a vibe which is played on in a rather extreme manner, as Yannis traverses a hot, arid desert setting in pursuit of his lady of interest. Unlike their previous video release, this is one that’s less about a direct ‘storyline’ in the video and seemingly more about its visual splendour and implied messaging From the expansive sandy landscape through to the various effects employed throughout, which range from spontaneous sprouting of vegetation through to sandstorms and ground cracks, it’s an impressive clip that has a very cinematic feel. Of course, the eventual disintegration of his surroundings points towards either an illusory world or a gradual breakdown in his relationship, and either way it’s a digestable undercurrent that’s visualised smartly. If, for some reason, you haven’t already, be sure to grab the Total Life Forever album now.

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