Floco Torres-Unthinkable

floco torres
We don’t get them often, but when Floco drops off new tracks, it’s generally worth paying attention. His eclectic, multi-faceted nature is always a well-rounded listen, and this new effort from the upcoming Celebratory Screams, Childhood Dreams EP is no different.

That entire EP has board work helmed by Infinite Quest, who works with Floco to serve up a fantastic live instrumentation for the backdrop. From the sharp, crashing percussion work through to the delicate piano keys, it’s a fantastically organic production with few ‘digital’ elements, outside of the light melodies that enter the fray around the hook and outro. That elemental style of production makes for very refreshing listening in today’s synthesised hip-hop scene, evoking the memory of early work from The Roots, whilst also ensuring Floco needs to be at top form to overcome such a dominant backdrop. Admittedly, the piercing nature of the percussion does sporadically break beyond his vocal work, but for the most part his work is extremely solid, switching between several deliveries to keep on top of the dynamic production, whilst his autobiographical and often inspirational lyricism offers an openness that complements the aforementioned organics in the instrumentation. Certainly worth a listen, and look out for that EP soon.

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