Floco Torres-Cruisin'

floco torres
It’s a funny thing to say, but the clarity of Floco’s raps makes all of his music a lot easier to listen to. It doesn’t hurt that’s he’s a pretty smart guy too. Surprising eh? Not being a slurry idiot makes for good music. Shocking.

With the Celebratory Screams, Childhood Dreams EP finally given a release date of 8th July, Floco and Infinite Quest let loose of another good effort from the project. The production blends crisp percussion in with drifty synths for a relatively laidback production with welcomed moments of vibrancy- the most notable example would be the fast-paced electronic melody in the hook, which helps to add a little dynamism to proceedings. The lyrics are a refreshingly honest listen, running through the experience of a bad relationship and breakup, with a hint of uplifting and motivational qualities that put a positive slant on Floco’s introspection. It’s not often you get that sort of lyrical subject without it coming off whiny, and this is a good example of how to deliver that level of openness without sounding like you need a pillow to cry into. Another likeable effort, and that EP can’t come soon enough.

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