Empire of the Sun-Ice on the Dune (Full Album Stream)

Yet another album to add to that 18th June release date, though unlike the rest it’s one I’ve been eagerly anticipating for several years. Sidenote: is the world ending on the 19th? Is there something we don’t know about that’s making everyone throw their projects out on the 18th?

If the lead single is anything to go by, their dreamy, ethereal soundscapes seem to have undergone a heavy pop injection, and whilst it’ll take some adjusting if the whole album has that same piercing positivity, I’m confident the unique duo can pull it off. Time will tell if that’s the case, and you can find out if the project matches up to their own lofty standards below. Stream is available below via Rolling Stone, but be warned as oddly, it seems to be blocked outside of the US for the time being. Silly.

Empire of the Sun-Ice on the Dune (Album Stream)

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