Eminem-Symphony In H

eminem tony touch
I got to thinking about Eminem a few days back, and it occurred that he’s not only has he now had as many bad albums as good albums, but there’s an entire generation of people who didn’t grow up with those first two incredible albums on constant rotation. Weird.

Sadly, this is more Encore than MMLP. A while back, Em was quoted for asking a colleague whether a recently-created song was ‘good enough for radio’, and that mentality seems to have seeped into this short effort. There’s always a type of production that seems to accompany his weaker material; it’s hard to define, but has a slightly childish nature to it, and this is another one of those. Em’s flows are as watertight as ever, but he doesn’t really seem to actually be attempting to say anything, instead offering a stream of consciousness with a couple of punchlines thrown in. Longtime Em fans need not bother with it to be honest, and I’m sure its relative lack of quality is why it’s just been thrown out as a loose track for Tony Touch’s mixtape. With a new album rumoured for release at some point this year, let’s hope better material isn’t too far away.

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