Drake-The Motion ft. Sampha (of SBTRKT)

drake the motion
Sidenote: there were 4 Drake releases yesterday, but I’m only posting 3 as the 4th was terrible.

If Jodeci Freestyle appeals slightly more to the guys, this one will most definitely reel his extensive female fanbase back in, with Drake making a rather rare return to his singing style throughout.

The hook features Drake’s once-trademark drifty vocals, and it’s actually quite refreshing to hear them again; his attempts at being seen as a rapper first and foremost have almost hidden this side of his work, despite it being a facet which actually makes his mainstream work slightly more bearable. The verses offer a hybrid rap-singing delivery, and it’s one that works well to add depth to the stripped-back, barely-there production in the first verse, whilst his slightly alteration in flow for the second takes advantage of the increased percussive element. Sampha’s backing vocals make for a nice alternative layer, with their natural melancholy enhancing the more spaced-out elements in the production. Probably not one with a massive shelf-life as it gets a little boring, but a good addition to those chillout playlists.

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