Drake-Jodeci Freestyle ft. J. Cole

jodeci freestyle
Remember when these two supposedly didn’t get along? Hip-hop gossip columns seemed to pull back on that pretty quickly, and certainly recent events show that they’ve got a pretty good friendship. Not that anyone actually cares.

It’s unknown whether this will feature on Drake’s upcoming LP, but I expect he could do a lot worse than include this, a good all-rounder with a vibrant, opulent production reminiscent of the type you’ll usually find on a Rick Ross album. From the laidback, pillowy percussion through to the smooth frontend melodies, there’s definitely a summer vibe running through this one, above which Drake moves through arrogant raps and barbed lines at his rap peers, before Cole closes with a more easygoing performance that opts to ride along with the beat rather than contrast it. Of course, it’s hardly a lyrical masterpiece, and I suspect nor is it intended to be, but it’s a welcome bit of summer hip-hop given the relative darkness that the ‘the big three’ rap albums had vast amounts of, on their release earlier this week.

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